Useful Links

Please find below links to the websites of members or guest speakers:


Liz Chapman Pet Psychic – A connection to your pets, whether alive, in spirit or missing –

Jean Gilhead – Transpersonal Life Coach, Feng Shui Expert, Writer, Teacher and Healer –

Dorota Rozmus – A transformational intuitive Healer who connects with quantum awareness and her singing voice as energy –

Jeanne Wareing – Resonance Repatterning, EFT, Metamorphic Technique, Reiki, Heal Your Life –

Molly Ann Fairley – Psychic Healer and Teacher, Psychic Slimming, Clearing Blockages –

Jan Siggs – spiritual minister, healer, counsellor, medium –

MOA International – Okada Purifying Therapy –

Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen – DNA testing for improving our nutritional balance –

Marion Morgan – Medium/Healer –

Patricia Mercier – Colour therapy, healing, crystal skulls, Mayan and Shamanic expert or

Marion Dias – Huna Therapy/NLP/Timeline Therapy and author –

Christine Heckel – Sound Massage Therapy –

Barbara Franken – New Energy Consciousness Pioneer –
Inspiring you to be your magnificent self!

Amrita Ayurveda – Ayurvedic consultations and therapies –

Devanshu Wiersma – Psychic Eye Reader/Teacher/Healer –

Helen Basinger – Emotional Alchemy –

Jennifer Mackenzie – Psychic/Medium/Healer –

Cristina Alonso Sanchez – Brennan Healing Science –

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