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Welcome to OpenMinds Benalmadena’s first newsletter.

Many of us are sensing how life is changing and OpenMinds Benalmadena is no exception. Life as we know it is naturally transforming, with the SLOW but inevitable collapse of society’s old practice of governing through control, dominance and fear from the few at the top. All to make space for a new way of living and governing from grassroot local communities who have chosen to be the change.

This newsletter is one of the changes we feel will support OpenMinds Benalmadena in growing and moving forward. It will help us reach more local people, allowing like-minded open minds to understand our vision and join us in our focus… creating a community founded on unity and harmony.

We welcome friends from all walks of life and want nothing more than for everyone to feel included, wanted, valued and appreciated for their unique difference and passion to be the change that changes the world around us.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next week Thursday, 24th June at 3pm Restaurant La Finca. Enjoying drinks & tapas together afterwards for all who would like this.


Thank You Liz❤️

Before we go any further, we would like to say a big thank you to Liz Chapman for founding and selflessly running OpenMinds Benalmadena for the last 20 odd years and making it the loving and supportive community it is today!

Liz has now chosen to move on, to embrace new challenges with her love for writing down the coast in Marbella. However IAM sure we will see her here again and that you join us now in wishing Liz every success and happiness in her new venture.



Vision… Moving Forward

OpenMinds Benalmadena will continue to focus on Healing Self… Body, Mind & Spirit. Offering a safe, quiet and sacred space for local like-minded friends to come together and support and inspire one another as we journey forward in a holistic and naturally conscious manner.

Our dualistic world and leaders that we all know so well, who have fought for peace and freedom for so so long… actually have no idea or intention of creating a world of peace!

Greed for status, riches and power took precedence a long time ago and society today, in its fight for better and more is not only responsible for destroying the natural balance of our ecosystem but divided our society in every corner of life, chiseling away at our natural wellness, happiness and abundance.

Today, the few control and manipulate the mass through deceit and corruption, and we are left with restricted freedom and opportunity to grow.

It is quite obvious we can no longer rely on our leaders to lead the way to a unified, happy and peaceful life and MUST, for the sake of ourselves and all Humanity, take back our individual responsibility, reconnect with our Body, Mind & Spirit and discover the Sovereign and free Divine being we were all born to be.

It is for each person to stand up and say no more… and trust their own Divine guidance to take them beyond the fear and limitation, and create for ourselves NewEarth within; a vibration of love, joy and peace that attracts a world of freedom, unity and harmony for all to enjoy right here on the Earth plane.

In this now present moment, we commit ourselves to being the change here in our local OpenMinds Community, using our unique talents to bring in a new way of self governance and space to be in joy and live a life of celebration as our magnificent Sovereign and powerful selves.

By no means is this an easy journey, but we have each other and where there’s a will there is a way!


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Monthly MeetUps 2021

24th June, 30th September, 28th October & 25th November
last Thursday of the month

at Restaurant La Finca, Torrequebrada, Benalmadena Costa

from 15.00 – 17.00 hrs
followed by drinks & tapas for the ones who like💃🕺

We kindly ask for an entrance donation of €5 towards costs🙏

To be able to continue using the room at La Finca for free, we ask everyone to buy at least one drink at the bar during our gathering 🙏

Goggle Map Link: https://goo.gl/maps/po71fsRcZoDkMHyW7
It’s a short walk away from the bus 103 which stops outside the Xanit Hospital

Since we have all been affected by the pandemic these last 15 months, we thought it would be a good idea to sit together and listen and talk with each other about our experience… sharing concerns, struggles, tribulations and happy endings!

Each holding a loving space, without judgement for each other to speak openly, offering advice if asked for and together, creating a new caring community of unity and harmony.

Remember, we all have holistic talents in which to support our community, and this is a great opportunity to discover and practice using them.



Holistic Practice & Divine Creations

To help inspire and support one another, we are going to publish in the newsletter each month, information about members Holistic Practices and Divine Creations.

If you would like to share your story, your business/charity or creativity, please send us a written summary (no longer than 300 words) and a jpeg picture of your logo, profile picture or creation.

We have a page on our website where you can link your business. If you are not already mentioned, please send us your details and we’ll add you.

We will also have a table at each meet-up to showcase your holistic business or charity flyers/cards and creative products!

Email: info@open-minds.es Website: www.open-minds.es


Meet our Core Team

Barbara, Nadar, Tommy and Debbie have come together as a new core team, to organise and move OpenMinds Benalmadena forward… from the known into the unknown. It may sound a little scary, as it means moving out of the comfort zone, but spirit is guiding us all and we trust you will stay with us and enjoy this new and exciting adventure together.

Are you interested in joining our OpenMinds Benalmadena core team?
Please let us know by email to info@open-minds.es


Nadar Danesh

I remember, since my adolescent years, I was in search of God, the truth or the reality behind life. I tried Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism in depth. I attended church ceremonies with Catholics, Protestants and witnesses of Jehova for over three years. I learnt palmistry and studied astrology all in search of “The Truth”.

I found it at least for myself. For me the truth is “Freedom from the known”.

Yoga & Qi Gong were great companions of mine on my path to realisation, which I gladly teach to interested students now.


Debbie Sheriden

I’ve been an active member of OpenMinds Benalmadena since 2006. During this time I have studied Reiki and completed an advanced Barbara Brennan healing course. My passion lies in my art creations, my singing and sharing loving presence with friends and family.

I wish Liz all the very best for her future happiness and give a warm welcome to Barbara, who will be at the helm with support from her friends. Looking forward to seeing old friends and welcome new ones very soon. Love, Light & Blessings.


debbie sheriden



At the age of 20 I was a young man who was interested in sports cars and social events with friends. One night I was awakened by a strange presence in the room. It was my father who died when I was five years old. I could somehow see and feel him; then I heard his voice clearly, it was so real. Only years later I did realize that this event was just the beginning of my journey in Mediumship.

Today I work as a medium in evidential mediumship, trance and psychic healing in the UK where I live. I regularly attend workshops and seminars in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. I am also proud to be a SNU member (Spiritualists National Union) in the UK.

My wish and intent for OpenMinds Benalmadena is to become a spiritual point of reference in this beautiful Costa del Sol.




Barbara Franken

IAM a passionate writer, artist and advocate of Consciousness, inspiring & supporting Awakening Hearts to realise their most Magnificent & Powerful self. Sharing my own experience realising Who IAM and What Life is All about through my blog, books, MasterCreatorClass and live YouTube videos.

I founded my charity Conciencia Magnifica to receive donations from my work and fund my free creative expression projects in Benalmadena.

Please take a look at my website www.memymagnificentself.com and maybe subscribe to my blog and YouTube Channel for weekly inspiration of Loving & Healing self, Body, Mind & Spirit.


consciencia magnifica
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